Concierge Services

Essential Services:

1. Finding nurseries or schools
If you are on holidays we can provide you nannies to take care of your little ones and if you are planning to move here permanently then we can assist you in finding a perfect private nursery or school.
Ensure that it meets your criteria as to type of schooling on offer in respects to religion, mixed or single sex, or creed.

2. Trips or Tours
We provide a personal concierge service where we can arrange holiday tours to anywhere from UK to Europe for groups, families and friends. They can be Trips to any amusement parks, like Alton Towers, chessington, LegoLand or sightseeing in Central London. If you require short trips to Europe, our company can also arrange Flight plus hotel including airport transfers.
All you have to do is to lets us know what you like to do and we can take of the rest to make sure you have a stress free time in UK.

3. Ticket
There are plenty of stuff to do locally and in London. We can find you any tickets you require. Whether you need theatre tickets, cinema, theme parks, sporting events, concerts and even train, ferry and flight tickets, we will find them for you.

4. Airport Services
Should you require; we can arrange transportation to and/or from all UK airports. We work very closely with local minicabs or chauffer service executive taxi service.

5. Car rental:
We have a list of all local car rental places and can arrange any type of car you desire. We can makea reservation for you and can arrange a pick up and drop off service.